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  • Best Big Data Books To Read In 2020

    Best Big Data Books To Read In 20200

    Books dedicated to Big Data are on the rise in 2020. For that reason, we present a selection of the best Big Data books recently written by talented authors.   1. Big Data Meets Survey Science A Collection of Innovative Methods by Craig A. Hill (Editor), Paul P. Biemer (Editor), Trent D. Buskirk (Editor), Lilli Japec (Editor), Antje Kirchner

  • Service Levels of the Cloud

    Service Levels of the Cloud0

    How do you have to imagine “a cloud”? The anatomy of a cloud can be described by a largely accepted (3-level model with the service) levels 1 to 3 – also called service models. On these three levels the cloud services that can be used by the user (“cloud consumer”) are available on: The software-as-a-service

  • What is the Difference Between AI and Machine Learning?

    What is the Difference Between AI and Machine Learning?0

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is on everyone’s lips. Everyone knows what AI means. Or not? Finding a definition of artificial intelligence is not that easy. Mainly because many others are associated with this term. Related terms from the field of artificial intelligence are often equated with this. But that is not entirely true. We clarify the