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Benefits of Automation for Digital Transformation

What is the impact of the digital workforce on business agility and survival? Automation seems to be on the right track, membership is stronger, but the challenges of intelligent automation are real. Back on some indicators …
Robotic process automation solves productivity challenges, and RPA is becoming a rapid response to customer demand.

Managers & Professions

78% of executives and half of business specialists now want to discover the opportunities generated by automation Why do they want to take advantage of this automated process? Several answers are mentioned, namely:

  • Saving time
  • Cost reduction
  • The precision of the work
  • Business agility and resilience

Automation / RPA can solve “the difficulties of responding quickly to customer requests” especially to ensure continuity of activities.

Competitiveness & Productivity

Automation disrupts all levels of the business and helps to stay resilient and responsive. Thus these technologies:

  • Are key to competitiveness – 80% of decision-makers
  • Allow tackling complex projects
  • Increase productivity levels

They increase the capacity to develop the activity (52%), meet needs (83%), and integrate robust security processes (77%).

Skills & Training

Acquiring new skills, benefiting from training, re-qualification are priorities. Thus 66% of companies offer opportunities for learning new skills/qualifications when deploying technologies.

68% of business specialists wish to acquire new skills to take on different functions.

Other key topics, precisely creating a bond of trust between business specialists and the digital workforce (61% of businesses) and establishing a peaceful coexistence between human employees and virtual agents (77% of managers).

Would the current health crisis not accelerate the trend towards new forms of work, combining intelligent automation and digital workforce, to maintain activity and responsiveness?

Communication & Talents

Upstream communication is necessary to explain, answer questions, mitigate fears, and make the implementation successful. What is it really? 43% of business specialists believe that communication is not up to the challenge.

Another important point: automation will attract new talents according to 82% of managers and improve working life according to 64% of business specialists.

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