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  • Essential Mathematics for Data Science

    Essential Mathematics for Data Science0

    Mathematics is the basis of any scientific discipline. Almost all the concepts of Data Science and Machine Learning are based on mathematical foundations. As you learn programming techniques, algorithms, and languages ​​in order to become a Data Scientist or to deepen your knowledge, you should not FORGET math. It is often better to know the

  • 10 Best Free Data Scientist Tools

    10 Best Free Data Scientist Tools0

    The growing evolution and importance of business Data Analytics or Data Science have created many opportunities around the world. Today it is increasingly difficult to select the best data analysis tools, as open-source tools are more popular, more accessible, and more efficient than the paid versions. There are many open-source tools that don’t require much

  • Data science vs Big Data

    Data science vs Big Data0

    Data Science vs Big Data? In a world where “Big Data” and “Data Science” are ubiquitous in technology-related social networks, have the terms finally reached saturation of the public interest? As the use of massive amounts of data has become common practice, is the role of “data science” replacing the hype of “Big Data”? The

  • 7 Steps for Learning Data Science

    7 Steps for Learning Data Science0

    In this article, you will learn about the steps to be taken to become a Data Scientist. We will look at data engineering concepts such as how to collect and transform data, extract and classify data, and visualize data. So we gathered 7 steps for Learning Data Science for you. 1. Data Analysis Data analysis

  • Business Intelligence vs Data Science

    Business Intelligence vs Data Science0

    Business Intelligence vs Data Science? Before the creation of Data Science by companies, engineers occupied the position of analyst and this type of position was called: data analyst or business analyst. Later, the discipline of Business Intelligence (BI) brought together a core of analysts working to extract information, often company-specific data. It sounds like our

  • Data Scientist vs Data Engineer vs Data Analyst

    Data Scientist vs Data Engineer vs Data Analyst0

    Data scientist vs data engineer vs data analyst. The first is for predicting future insights, The second is for developing & maintaining, The third is for taking profitable actions. The profession of Data Scientist is making buzz lately. Harvard Business School magazine goes so far as to call it the sexiest profession of the 21st


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