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  • Artificial Intelligence and Search Engines

    Artificial Intelligence and Search Engines0

    Artificial intelligence has revolutionized search engines and the way they process queries, choose which results to display, and rank sites in order of importance. Big Data, Algorithm, IA… How does it work? Artificial Intelligence and Big Data In this era where digital is king, we often hear about Big Data. But what is it and

  • Data Visualization Tools to Make your Data Speak

    Data Visualization Tools to Make your Data Speak0

    Businesses are increasingly relying on data. The importance of tracking, measuring, and analyzing every interaction has come to the fore. However, an overabundance of data can quickly become a handicap if it is not exploited or used correctly. In response, many data visualization tools (or DataViz) have emerged. These tools allow companies to image their

  • All About Open APIs and Their Impact on Big Data

    All About Open APIs and Their Impact on Big Data0

    More and more used, open APIs have given birth to a real booming economy. However, these programming interfaces have greatly contributed to the explosion in the volume of data on a global scale. Find out everything you need to know about the link between open APIs and big data. An API or Application Programming Interface

  • How Big Data could generate big profits?

    How Big Data could generate big profits?0

    The platforms collect data from many sources. And the benefits are manifold for the supplier and member companies. Indeed, this collected data can allow the company behind the platform to make intelligent business decisions. But also to open new markets to its members. So whether an operator chooses to analyze them himself or to sell

  • 5 challenges of quantum data levels by 2024!

    5 challenges of quantum data levels by 2024!0

    The volumes of data created and exchanged are increasing exponentially and the world is preparing for a tidal wave … Europe, the global superpower for enterprise data If Industry 4.0 creates a value of 3.7 trillion USD by 2025, Europe, one of the main enterprise data centers, is capitalizing on this growth. Regions with strong

  • How to Enhance your Data?

    How to Enhance your Data?0

    The practice is recent, but it is possible to enhance your data as you value your company. Today the asset represented by data is not taken into account. This new methodology would improve the valuations of our companies. From 10 years on, we hear that data is black gold and that the value of a company


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