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  • 4 Blockchain & Data Science projects to discover

    4 Blockchain & Data Science projects to discover0

    We can think, from their different approaches to data, that Blockchain & Data Science are purely independent disciplines. While the Blockchain is currently in full emergence, especially with the global craze around cryptocurrencies, Data science is an already well-established technology. However, these two innovations, which are making it possible to revolutionize the world of work

  • How Blockchain is Changing Supply Chain Management

    How Blockchain is Changing Supply Chain Management0

    The impact of blockchain technology on supply chain management Many companies are facing challenges in the course of Digital Transformation. Established business processes must be critically scrutinized and adapted to changing requirements. Supply chain management also has to face this change. Modern technologies such as Robotic Process Automation help with optimization. Nevertheless, supply chains are

  • What are Smart Contracts?

    What are Smart Contracts?0

    Functionality & advantages of smart contracts in the blockchain simply explained Distributed ledger technologies (DLT) are considered key technologies. In particular, blockchain technology is the focus of experts. This could optimize numerous processes in the future and focus on decentralization. Such a blockchain is a kind of decentralized and forgery-proof database. The use cases of

  • 10 Blockchain Applications and Use Cases

    10 Blockchain Applications and Use Cases0

    The year 2017 helped blockchain technology to become better known because cryptocurrencies particularly convinced investors with high returns. The blockchain is the technology behind it, the potential of which is now also convincing in the business environment. More and more companies are starting to develop blockchain-based platforms and systems because the technology offers numerous advantages

  • Blockchain technology clearly explained

    Blockchain technology clearly explained0

    Digitization is being driven by future technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Big Data, or Blockchain technology. While software robots and intelligent, self-learning systems are gaining increasing interest and are known to many users, blockchain technology is often a synonym for cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are only a marginal phenomenon and the technology has the potential

  • What is Fintech? Definition of Financial Technology

    What is Fintech? Definition of Financial Technology0

    What is Fintech? Mobile payments, open banking, blockchain, crypto-currencies, RegTech, InsurTech … The world of finance is complex and particularly conducive to new buzzwords and concepts that challenge our knowledge of the sector. This is why we have chosen to focus on a very specific theme today: FinTech. Definition, examples, numbers, and more await you!


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