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  • DMM Digital Maturity Model

    DMM Digital Maturity Model0

    Digital Maturity Model (DMM), is a reference model for evaluating the transition of a company or an organization to digital. The TM Forum, an international non-profit association of companies in the telecommunications and digital sector, has developed the first DMM maturity model. TM Forum’s DMM Digital Maturity Model Maturity stages The digital maturity model includes

  • 6 Important Steps for Successful Digitalization

    6 Important Steps for Successful Digitalization1

    In order for companies to be able to achieve a successful digitalization, some areas must be considered in the strategy. You can find out what these are and what companies should pay attention to here. With digitization, companies have to network a wide variety of specialist and technology departments. This makes collaboration, products, and services more

  • Best Digital Transformation Books You Should Read

    Best Digital Transformation Books You Should Read3

    Books dedicated to Digital Transformation are on the rise in 2020. For that reason, we present a selection of the best Digital Transformation books recently written by talented authors. 1. The Digital Transformation Playbook Rethink Your Business for the Digital Age (Columbia Business School Publishing)  by David Rogers | April 5, 2016 Rethink your business for the

  • The Changing World of Work – 10 New Digital Transformation Jobs

    The Changing World of Work – 10 New Digital Transformation Jobs3

    Digital change in the professional world: New Digital Transformation Jobs Digital Transformation affects not only companies but also employees. This change is continuous and already reveals that digital skills are essential in the job. Above all, the demands on the employees are subject to this change, because classic processing will no longer count as a

  • Digital Transformation of Companies – Definition & Examples

    Digital Transformation of Companies – Definition & Examples3

    What does digital transformation mean in the corporate environment? The term digital transformation characterizes current economic reporting. But this change also brings to light numerous uncertainties. Those involved are often not sure which features this transformation will take. The change in business is illustrated with a long-term vision, but short-term measures are often not tangible.


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