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  • Business Intelligence vs Data Science

    Business Intelligence vs Data Science0

    Business Intelligence vs Data Science? Before the creation of Data Science by companies, engineers occupied the position of analyst and this type of position was called: data analyst or business analyst. Later, the discipline of Business Intelligence (BI) brought together a core of analysts working to extract information, often company-specific data. It sounds like our

  • Data Scientist vs Data Engineer vs Data Analyst

    Data Scientist vs Data Engineer vs Data Analyst0

    Data scientist vs data engineer vs data analyst. The first is for predicting future insights, The second is for developing & maintaining, The third is for taking profitable actions. The profession of Data Scientist is making buzz lately. Harvard Business School magazine goes so far as to call it the sexiest profession of the 21st

  • Best Data Science Books You Should Read in 2021

    Best Data Science Books You Should Read in 20213

    Data science involves mathematics, statistics, and computer science and integrates techniques such as Machine Learning, topological analysis, data mining, and visualization. In this article, I offer you the Best Data Science Books that will help you develop your skills in this field. Topics range from Python and R programming to machine learning, math, and statistics. As

  • Data Science: Definition and Benefits

    Data Science: Definition and Benefits4

    Data science is a discipline that studies information: its source, what it represents, and the methods to transform it into useful resources for the creation of business and IT strategies. Extracting large volumes of data, structured or unstructured, enables organizations to identify models that help them control costs, improve efficiency, identify new business opportunities, and

  • 10 Artificial Intelligence Predictions for 2021

    10 Artificial Intelligence Predictions for 20212

    The arrival of the New Year brings us to think in many areas. What does 2021 hold in store for artificial intelligence? Here are 10 Artificial Intelligence predictions, from academic research to capital markets to regulation. We will take stock in December 2021 to assess the results. 1. Both Waymo and Cruise companies will launch

  • DMM Digital Maturity Model

    DMM Digital Maturity Model0

    Digital Maturity Model (DMM), is a reference model for evaluating the transition of a company or an organization to digital. The TM Forum, an international non-profit association of companies in the telecommunications and digital sector, has developed the first DMM maturity model. TM Forum’s DMM Digital Maturity Model Maturity stages The digital maturity model includes


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