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Human Resources and Algorithms: A Necessary Collaboration

No business can imagine being competitive without AI. Not each day goes by without an announcement of massive investments in AI by big companies. The competitive difference will therefore ultimately come from human resources. With equal technological possibilities, innovation, creativity, communication, and after all the resulting customer experience will make the champions of tomorrow. We must now invest in people and Human / Machine collaboration. the way to brace oneself for this collaboration remains to be seen.

People at the heart of business strategy

In the long run, there’ll be technological convergence and as a result, the competitive difference will come from human resources.

Today, our society is merely concerned about whether and when humans are visiting get replaced, thus missing out on the work necessary to arrange for this collaboration.

To do this, it’s essential to appear at the longer-term effects of the automation of labor through the prism of tasks and not of jobs per se. Considering a task to be more human than algorithmic depends on the maximum amount on social hierarchies and power dynamics as on real technical possibilities. the corporate must redefine the allocation of tasks. It has to identify which tasks are often automated/outsourced to algorithms and which tasks should remain in human hands. This frontier will evolve with technological advances and it’s supported the potential for automation under constraints of quality and expectations. Take the instance of a conversational agent for an e-commerce operator. The limit depends on the power to accurately answer the consumer’s question. Easy for delivery times and stages, the characteristics of a product or perhaps its use; but almost impossible within the case of acute malfunctions.

What knowledge and skills should companies rely on?

Creativity, innovation, communication, and more generally “soft skills” are on everyone’s lips. But concretely, how does this translate? we must always not expect an enormous bang, but rather gradual evolution. The priority issue is to possess an alignment with the vision and therefore they must serve it so to define the steps to induce there. Each step will induce changes (abandonment of tasks and skills like operational decision-making or the selection of content to supply to a client) and also the acquisition of recent know-how like the semantic variation of messages, creative multiplication, and far more. sure the utilization of the latest tools. the most challenge is to vary the way we work and understand the planet.

This approach also implies, beyond the sphere of the corporate, to rethink training (schools, universities, etc.) and even more profoundly to question the connection of society to figure, from the individual to the work. Without it, there’ll be a fair greater gap between the requirements and therefore the number of resources trained at a sufficient level to satisfy the demand for brand spanking new know-how.

A necessary introspection work

The company that may achieve success tomorrow must undergo a robust and deep work of introspection so as to line in motion towards a transparent and shared objective.

Without this, the conditions for fulfillment won’t be met and therefore the end of the story is already known. Adding technology with the aim of accelerating productivity may be a mistake. Using technology to serve an overall vision of which humans, both as consumers and collaborators, are a component is important but not sufficient. so as to initiate the changes, I like to recommend that you simply see what can already be automated in what you are doing. this may identify the time potentially made free. we will then, for instance, list 5 creative topics to develop. whenever saving are replaced by one amongst these potentially disruptive projects which are able to be chosen collectively.

so as to get to assess the “anti-fragile” dimension of every initiative, it’ll be necessary to systematically involve people removed from your profession in your creativity sessions, to value the divergence before the convergence, and to spot your desires. , your fears, your qualities, your shortcomings with relevance the wants of the longer term.

Such an approach will place the human person through experience and gently in their new working context with new virtual collaborators. This team-centered approach must be supported by a project and a world vision. Each company will find its way, it’ll be unique and in continuous evolution.

There is no destiny, technologies don’t develop linearly, but often from ruptures.

The future of labor is folks that will create the conditions for collaboration between humans and algorithms for better or for worse.

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