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Predictions 2021: Blockchain, Internet of Things & Smart Manufacturing

At the end of this very special year, 2020 is already giving way to Predictions 2021 in many areas. BlockchainIoTSmart Manufacturing, and Digital Commerce: A look back at Forrester’s perspectives.

1. Blockchain

What to remember for 2021, if not that the projects put into production will increase on average by 30% (world) but that financial services will experience a slowdown.

The chaos of decentralized finance limits the adoption of public blockchains by companies.

The national Blockchain infrastructure in China is progressing very quickly: China is making strategic investments (provinces and all verticals).

2. IoT

In the healthcare sector: Manufacturers of connected devices will double the number of use cases. Proactive engagement is to be expected using devices (clothing and sensors) to detect patient health at home.

“Smart office” initiatives will transform the employee experience with return-to-work strategies in offices through dedicated IoT security applications including:

  • The use of space
  • Social distancing
  • Activity monitoring with sensors
  • Priority to cleaning

Interest in satellites and other low-power technologies will increase by 20%.

3. Smart Manufacturing

Three strong points emerge specifically:

– The acceleration of emerging technologies in the Covid era

This adaptive innovation is supported in 2021

– Reconfiguring supply chains for resilient collaborative supply networks by 2022

Event monitoring and dynamic production or logistics rescheduling platforms will raise $ 1 billion in funding

– Protecting brand value by focusing on the provenance of sources of supply and data transparency

Transparency on the added value of products depending on the country and the entity will be required.

4. Digital Business

Finally, digital departments will compete with the growth of “analog” business units. By the end of 2021,

  • 30% of the 2,000 global companies will have a significant digital product portfolio
  • 20% will support digital departments dedicated to the launch of disruptive products

The shopping experiences will drive investments in content and business platforms (customer relationships through personalization, augmented reality, and virtual reality).

Digital operating platforms will become the basis for accelerating the experience (AI-based, ecosystem-oriented solutions).

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