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  • Will the world of work rely on AI in 2035?

    Will the world of work rely on AI in 2035?1

    Before we talk about artificial intelligence, first. Imagine new working models and professional environments to gain in well-being, creativity, flexibility, and productivity. What are the innovative strategies to adopt while prioritizing people? How to reinvent oneself to understand current changes and the role of technology in order to remove complexity and increase employee engagement. Here

  • How Big Data could generate big profits?

    How Big Data could generate big profits?0

    The platforms collect data from many sources. And the benefits are manifold for the supplier and member companies. Indeed, this collected data can allow the company behind the platform to make intelligent business decisions. But also to open new markets to its members. So whether an operator chooses to analyze them himself or to sell

  • Benefits of Automation for Digital Transformation

    Benefits of Automation for Digital Transformation0

    What is the impact of the digital workforce on business agility and survival? Automation seems to be on the right track, membership is stronger, but the challenges of intelligent automation are real. Back on some indicators … Robotic process automation solves productivity challenges, and RPA is becoming a rapid response to customer demand. Managers &


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