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  • Should We Be Afraid of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare?

    Should We Be Afraid of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare?0

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is inviting itself today in all discussions and in all economic sectors. Scarecrow for some, Reassuring for others, AI does not spare the field of health. Aware of the stakes, particularly ethical, of this technological race, the National Council of the Order of Physicians (CNOM) published in January 2018 its white paper

  • Most Important Machine Learning Tools

    Most Important Machine Learning Tools0

    Machine learning tools can be categorized into platforms or libraries. A platform provides all the tools needed to implement a project, while a library provides only certain functionality. However, some machine learning platforms are also libraries. Machine learning tools can also be distinguished by their interface. Some tools provide a graphical user interface, some a

  • Blockchain vs. Database – What is the difference?

    Blockchain vs. Database – What is the difference?0

    Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, was initially conceptualized and created to be a digital currency. However, blockchain technology (the technology behind most cryptocurrencies) has since evolved to serve a variety of purposes; using a public registry to store the data. Essentially, the difference between blockchains and databases is that blockchains exist on networks of computers. In


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