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  • Unlocking the Strong Potential of IoT in Energy and Utilities

    Unlocking the Strong Potential of IoT in Energy and Utilities0

    The IoT is strongly integrated into almost all industries such as oil and gas, public gas management, power grid, and supply management. Let’s take a look at IoT solutions in energy and utilities. Create greener methods The world as a whole still depends a lot on energy to manage different aspects of life. Also, users

  • Edge Computing: Azure Edge Computing

    Edge Computing: Azure Edge Computing0

    Computing is the main function of an IT environment. The term is to be taken as a whole. Everything is calculated, from complex modeling to the display of a website, including the use of office tools. This function is performed by the data center or by individual machines in the case of office automation tools.

  • Practice of Multi-Cloud Scrutinized

    Practice of Multi-Cloud Scrutinized0

    Multi-cloud environments are now predominantly exploited and the cloud is seen as the strategic trend for the next two to five years. So, beyond the heterogeneous mix of application architectures, what are the challenges and the latest figures to remember? 88% of EMEA organizations operate multi-cloud environments! The EMEA region leading the adoption of multi-cloud


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