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  • Edge Computing: Azure Edge Computing

    Edge Computing: Azure Edge Computing0

    Computing is the main function of an IT environment. The term is to be taken as a whole. Everything is calculated, from complex modeling to the display of a website, including the use of office tools. This function is performed by the data center or by individual machines in the case of office automation tools.

  • Practice of Multi-Cloud Scrutinized

    Practice of Multi-Cloud Scrutinized0

    Multi-cloud environments are now predominantly exploited and the cloud is seen as the strategic trend for the next two to five years. So, beyond the heterogeneous mix of application architectures, what are the challenges and the latest figures to remember? 88% of EMEA organizations operate multi-cloud environments! The EMEA region leading the adoption of multi-cloud

  • How to calculate the IT costs of your company in the age of the cloud?

    How to calculate the IT costs of your company in the age of the cloud?0

    The advent of the IT Cloud has provided companies with new ways to manage their IT infrastructure. Different possibilities are now available to them, from keeping their IT assets within the company, with physical workstations that they manage and monitor themselves with the help of internal teams, to virtualization workstations, making it possible for any

  • SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, What are the Differences?

    SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, What are the Differences?0

    SaaS, IaaS, PaaS what are the differences? These are terms that come up frequently in the IT and cloud computing industry in recent years, but do you really differentiate between these three acronyms? Let’s try to see it a little more clearly. CHOOSE SAAS: SOFTWARE OUTSOURCING The SaaS (software as a service) is a cloud

  • Machine Learning: ML

    Machine Learning: ML0

    Machine learning has become an essential component in recent years of business productivity creating a market alone of more than 8 billion euros worldwide. Data, the gold of the 21st century, is the engine of this new technology. It brings a lot of value in industries such as health or education but also in environments

  • The Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

    The Advantages of Artificial Intelligence0

    We sometimes imagine him as Jarvis, Iron Man’s virtual assistant in Marvel films. She would be omnipotent, having absolute knowledge, able to understand our emotions, and anticipate our needs. Obviously, we are still far from it. Yet artificial intelligence (AI) is part of our daily life, at home and at work. It is hidden in


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