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  • The Benefits of Cloud Computing for Businesses

    The Benefits of Cloud Computing for Businesses0

    The benefits of cloud computing for businesses are numerous. Subject to increasingly strong profitability and performance constraints, companies must find alternative IT solutions and use tools that save time and reduce costs. Many CIOs are considering outsourcing IT infrastructure, in whole or in part. Cloud computing offers precisely a flat-rate economic model, which can be

  • Blockchain, what is it?

    Blockchain, what is it?0

    It is a trendy subject which is likely to be registered in the long term. Blockchain, the use of which has long been limited to cryptocurrencies, is arousing the enthusiasm of professionals as a viable solution for issues related to traceability, contract execution, and transactions. For the most enthusiastic, it is an innovative and revolutionary

  • Why choose a Microsoft Cloud Security Solution?

    Why choose a Microsoft Cloud Security Solution?0

    If Cloud Computing is more and more present in companies, it is nonetheless subject to the various requirements of the web, in particular those of security. For this reason, various market players have developed their own infrastructure with standards and technologies adapted to businesses. Complete review of the security of Cloud Computing: between innovation, global

  • 6 Steps for a Successful Cloud Migration

    6 Steps for a Successful Cloud Migration0

    Migrating your IT infrastructure or files to the cloud can have many benefits. A cloud migration allows you to increase your performance and the ease of performing tasks, but also to optimize costs. However, you will need to take every precaution to fully secure and retain your data, not only during but also after migration.

  • Cloud computing: A modern challenge for IT and administrators (Part1)

    Cloud computing: A modern challenge for IT and administrators (Part1)0

    Cloud computing is ranked as one of the top five by almost all leading analysts Seen IT trends. that are currently transitioning from the speculation phase to the status of practical operational implementation. In the meantime, it is no longer discussed whether cloud computing is even a practicable option for IT sourcing. but rather how

  • SaaS mode: what is it?

    SaaS mode: what is it?0

    Still unknown to most companies ten years ago, SaaS ( Software as a Service ) is today an integral part of the IT landscape, and more precisely of software, and its place is only growing for the benefit of on-premise software. The turnover of the software as a service sector increased by 10% between 2017


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