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Top 10 most innovative Artificial intelligence companies of 2020

A wind of innovation is blowing in the artificial intelligence sector. Discover our selection of the 10 most innovative artificial intelligence companies offering particularly original and interesting solutions in 2020.
As artificial intelligence develops, its use cases diversify. Many companies are emerging and exploiting this technology in a relevant and innovative way. Through this dossier, discover a selection of the 10 most innovative artificial intelligence companies in 2020 …

1. Graphcore and its AI chip


Artificial intelligence and machine learning are increasingly popular among companies in all industries. However, AI algorithms tend to overwork processors and GPUs.

As an alternative, British startup Graphcore has created an Intelligence Processing Unit (IPU). It is an AI-designed processor capable of reducing the computational time required for tasks such as algorithmic trading from hours to just minutes. The IPU is available in an integrated form with Dell servers, was demanded as a cloud service through Microsoft Azure.

2. Persado and its AI specialized in marketing


Persado’s artificial intelligence is able to generate personalized marketing campaigns to reach each individual as effectively as possible.
To achieve this feat, the algorithm first learns what a business wants to convey to its customers, then determines the most effective approach and recommends it. In 2019, Persado signed contracts with big companies like JPMorgan Chase. Over the past three years, she has doubled her annual recurring income.

3. LivePerson and its messaging analysis AI


LivePerson’s artificial intelligence is able to analyze messages from human customers on couriers to determine which customer service representative to redirect them to. As it learns over time, it improves and becomes more and more precise.
This AI is compatible with many messengers like WhatsApp and Alexa. By combining it with conversational AI technology (chatbot), it is possible to double the efficiency of customer service and increase sales by up to 20% …

4. organizes the care of emergency patients


In a medical emergency, every second counts. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for hospitals to organize emergency patient care with the right priorities.

With its artificial intelligence, seeks to remedy this problem. Its program is able to analyze the tomography of an attack victim in real-time. He then organizes all the doctors and infrastructure necessary to provide him with the appropriate treatment.

The establishments can thus be organized by taking into account all the patients simultaneously. This greatly reduces the time required to provide treatment and improves its outcome. In 2019, the number of client hospitals for the firm increased by 1,600%.

5. Nvidia Changing Sketches into Photorealistic Masterpieces


Graphics card giant Nvidia is also a major player in AI research. One of his artificial intelligence “GauGAN”, in reference to the famous painter Paul Gauguin.
It is a deep learning model capable of converting a textual description or a simple sketch into a photo-realistic image. The result is impressive. The demo video already has more than 1.6 million views on YouTube.

Many art directors and designer artists at large companies in the film and video game industries use GauGAN for idea prototyping so they can make very rapid changes to digital landscapes. Additionally, computer scientists can use this tool to create used virtual worlds and train self-driving cars.

6. Hive allows you to measure advertising performance on TV


The internet has really transformed the advertising industry. Thanks to this technology, it is now possible to accurately measure the effectiveness of an ad and even to precisely target consumers by offering them personalized campaigns.
With artificial intelligence, Hive proposes to bring the same capabilities to advertisements broadcast on television. Its algorithms ingest videos to identify their topics, allowing marketers to associate their ads with relevant content.

For example, a commercial for a car could be shown after a chase scene in a movie. The Mensio platform, designed in partnership with Bain, combines metadata generated by Hive’s AI with information on more than 20 million households. In this way, advertisers can gain additional insight into the audience targeted by their messages.

7. Syntiant brings AI to smaller devices


Until now, artificial intelligence has been reserved for devices such as computers or smartphones. However, semiconductor maker Syntiant has set out to make it possible to inject AI into smaller devices.

Its extremely miniaturized, low power consumption chips are able to support voice interactions. Thus, it is possible to integrate a voice assistant such as Alexa or Google Assistant into any everyday object intended for the general public.

Two of Syntiant’s processors are already compatible with Amazon Alexa Voice. So developers can add the voice assistant to their own hardware without needing to access the cloud. In 2019, Syntiant raised $ 30 million from investors such as Amazon, Microsoft, Motorola, and Intel Capital …

8. Wint and his AI plug the water leaks


In commercial buildings, almost 25% of water is wasted due to undiscovered leaks. To remedy this problem, Wint is developing software to help stop these leaks using artificial intelligence.

Its machine learning-based tool can identify leaks and losses by detecting anomalies in water consumption. Managers can then close the leak before the pipes explode. In 2019, the revenues of this company increased by 400%. Several Fortune 100 companies are among their clients, and one claims to have reduced its water use by 24% with this solution.

9. Interactions lets AI take control of restaurants

Interactions lets AI take control of restaurants

Sometimes it is difficult for restaurant workers to take orders from their customers without making mistakes. With its Guest Experience Platform (GXP), launched in 2019, Interactions lets artificial intelligence take the lead.

This tool can be used for orders placed by drive, but also those placed via smartphone or by text message. In total, the platform has already taken three million orders.

10. Kasisto and the voice assistant dedicated to finance

Kasisto and the voice assistant dedicated to finance

Apple’s voice assistant, Siri, started out at the Stanford Research Institute. Using the same code, Kasisto company created KAI: a voice assistant specializing in finance.

This AI is used as a virtual assistant by many banks and financial institutions to provide advice to their clients and help them better manage their finances. Today, more than 18 million bank customers have access to this tool via mobile, web, or voice channels.

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