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Why choose a Microsoft Cloud Security Solution?

If Cloud Computing is more and more present in companies, it is nonetheless subject to the various requirements of the web, in particular those of security. For this reason, various market players have developed their own infrastructure with standards and technologies adapted to businesses.

Complete review of the security of Cloud Computing: between innovation, global issue, and response to the health and social situation at the level of SMEs.

The importance of security in the cloud

In this logic of democratization, the Cloud has positioned itself at the heart of a global security issue. If outsourcing remains a guarantee of security – the platform, the service, or the rented equipment takes care of the security of the cloud – it remains nonetheless a problem. Indeed, security becomes a shared domain: the company will have – as much as the chosen service – to secure the Cloud from end to end.

For this reason, many standards have emerged to guarantee the entire security of the Cloud. If the IT security of the Cloud obeys traditional security issues, data confidentiality remains at the heart of the debates.

For this reason, many cloud services such as VPNs have also set to work on global security by offering new privacy policies as well as data encryption via a tunneling system.

In this logic, large companies have followed suit and upgraded their Cloud to make it the nerve center of security on the web compared to traditional IT security:

  • Cloud data centers remain third-party data centers, in other words, their vulnerability remains lower compared to the infrastructures present at the heart of the company – more vulnerable at various levels.
  • The low investments represented by outsourcing are again an advantage for companies, which now only have to secure their side without dealing with data centers.
  • The use of resources also remains one of the strengths of the Cloud. Additional efficiency will be found thanks to a better distribution of the workload but above all a tailor-made provision. De facto, the systems are always operational, and therefore permanently secure, with real-time updates.
  • Of course, the time it takes to make a cloud service available is minimal, and de facto security innovations are always at the cutting edge compared to a service created especially for the company.
  • The pricing of a Cloud remains lower because it is based on the use itself. De facto, security is less expensive and therefore more effective: the company will no longer have the inherent costs of updating antivirus from one year to the next.

In short, Cloud Computing allows both its model and its cost reduction to provide companies with recent, cutting-edge security in real-time. Something that a company or a company would take longer to concede as the costs can be inherent and often not the priority of the moment.

What is Microsoft Azure and how secure is it?

As said previously, large companies and even multinationals have followed suit in data security. This is the case of Amazon or Microsoft, which today are essential players in cloud security.

In this logic, Microsoft with its Azure service has embarked on the field of Cloud Computing and security. Microsoft Azure with its cloud services enables companies to respond to various market demands. From application development to management, including data analysis, Azure is now involved in various sectors such as healthcare, the public sector, distribution, and even financial services.

Offering a range of varied and diverse applications, Azure provides companies with the solutions necessary for their development, whether they are very small businesses, SMEs, or even multinationals.

How secure is the Microsoft Azure Cloud?

Framed by security at all times, Azure will offer companies complete protection of their data, with latest generation privacy policies, compliance with international standards, and full compliance with the various regulations governing the Cloud.

Open Source oriented, we will find three essential points on which companies will have the leisure to rest:

1. Security for SMEs

Of course Azure offers companies advanced security. Long demanded by SMEs, this security remains the main advantage of the solution. Multilayered, Azure offers SMBs integrated protection against DDoS attacks, supervised by a team of more than 3,500 cybersecurity experts.

Integrated controls as well as rapid threat detection thanks to Azure Security Center, make it an obvious answer to the security need of SMBs. SMEs must protect their data, especially in very competitive sectors where each patent and data go to the survival of the company.

2. Data security

Addressed above Azure will allow you to secure your data in the best possible way. In this logic, data theft – as was the case for Desjardins – will remain almost impossible.

It is essential to understand the flow of data, and the data itself can make millions of collateral victims. Canadian society had endangered more than 4.6 million individuals or professionals. Collateral victims are affected by the malevolence of an employee.

A point that will be easy to avoid thanks to an outsourced Cloud solution: the company precisely and professionally manages access to various data. De facto it will be impossible for anyone to have access to sensitive data.

3. A high-level cloud

Azure in the tradition of Microsoft remains one of the most secure services on the market. Built by experts in the world of cybersecurity, but also by thousands of web professionals, the infrastructure as the software solution remains one of the most secure in the world.

Thanks to its low costs, its almost number 1 security, and its various teams, Microsoft has made Azure one of the most advantageous Cloud Computing systems in the world for companies. Asos, Daimler, or even Mc Kesson will have chosen the solution of the firm of Bill Gates. So many big names in the industry that today make Azure a must in Cloud solutions.

These are all points that propel the service into a world leader in terms of security and cybersecurity research, particularly in the field of Cloud SaaS.

In conclusion

Cloud security remains a fundamental issue in recent years. With ever more advanced IT solutions, attacks are proving to be more and more numerous, in particular with the inherent sharing of sensitive data.

For this reason more and more TPEs are turning to big-budget cloud solutions in cybersecurity like Microsoft Azure. In this vein, the demands of Cloud Computing, and the service itself, have continued to spread to the web. So much so that a majority of users and companies also use this type of solution.

In a context of a health crisis with an increase in teleworking and therefore the exchange of sensitive data, it is important to turn to high-level Cloud solutions, with latest-generation security systems.

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