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Will the world of work rely on AI in 2035?

Before we talk about artificial intelligence, first. Imagine new working models and professional environments to gain in well-being, creativity, flexibility, and productivity. What are the innovative strategies to adopt while prioritizing people?

How to reinvent oneself to understand current changes and the role of technology in order to remove complexity and increase employee engagement. Here is a summary of the future working models.

Robots, humans, and leadership

Robots will improve efficiency, without replacing humans: Artificial Intelligence AI will speed up decision-making processes and according to 57%, it will intervene in professional decisions. So :

  • A central department dedicated to AI will oversee aspects of the company’s activity (75%)
  • CEOs will work in human-machine partnership with a Chief of Artificial Intelligence (69%)


Thanks to technology, employees have access to tools and information, anywhere in the world. Here are the axes for tomorrow:

  • The predominance of the platform type

It creates value and facilitates exchanges between groups and individuals with digital technology (67%)

  • The scarcity of permanent jobs
  • Immediate access to highly specialized freelance workers thanks to technological platforms

To adapt to changing consumer needs

  • Independent profiles for specialists with sought-after skills


According to 51%, technology will double productivity by 2035. Which AI solutions will be democratized?

  • Artificial Intelligence performing tasks based on habits and preferences
  • AI sending encouragement and motivation to employees
  • Artificial Intelligence acts as a personal assistant
  • AI monitoring the mental and physical well-being of employees

But also :

  • Connected clothing for interaction with systems
  • Augmented reality glasses
  • Neuro-technologies to control devices
  • Exoskeletons improving physical performance-based tasks


Here are the factors that will increase employee motivation:

  • Automation of low value-added (AI) tasks freeing up employees who will devote themselves to strategic work
  • Role of automation in improving human skills and new opportunities for personal development and career development

Innovation & Growth

What will companies’ investments be to sustain growth?

  • Investments in AI will be the No.1 growth factor (90% of leaders – World)
  • AI will generate more revenue in businesses than humans by 2030
  • Technology will benefit small businesses, redistributing power and influence

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