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  • What is Fintech? Definition of Financial Technology

    What is Fintech? Definition of Financial Technology0

    What is Fintech? Mobile payments, open banking, blockchain, crypto-currencies, RegTech, InsurTech … The world of finance is complex and particularly conducive to new buzzwords and concepts that challenge our knowledge of the sector. This is why we have chosen to focus on a very specific theme today: FinTech. Definition, examples, numbers, and more await you!

  • Predictions 2021: Blockchain, Internet of Things & Smart Manufacturing

    Predictions 2021: Blockchain, Internet of Things & Smart Manufacturing0

    At the end of this very special year, 2020 is already giving way to Predictions 2021 in many areas. Blockchain, IoT, Smart Manufacturing, and Digital Commerce: A look back at Forrester’s perspectives. 1. Blockchain What to remember for 2021, if not that the projects put into production will increase on average by 30% (world) but that

  • 6 Best Blockchain Books for Developers

    6 Best Blockchain Books for Developers0

    If you are looking to build a career in blockchain development as well, here is a list of the 6 best blockchain books for developers that every newbie to blockchain should read.   1. The Blockchain Developer A Practical Guide for Designing, Implementing, Publishing, Testing, and Securing Distributed Blockchain-based Projects by Elad Elrom  | Jul 24, 2019 Become

  • Public vs Private Blockchain – the differences

    Public vs Private Blockchain – the differences0

    Public vs private blockchain. Public or private blockchain. Which model is better suited for institutions and companies? Here the differences and the advantages and disadvantages are explained. Before we start looking at the differences, let’s first show what they have in common. Then we go into the respective blockchains. This shows which blockchain is better

  • Blockchain vs. Database – What is the difference?

    Blockchain vs. Database – What is the difference?0

    Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, was initially conceptualized and created to be a digital currency. However, blockchain technology (the technology behind most cryptocurrencies) has since evolved to serve a variety of purposes; using a public registry to store the data. Essentially, the difference between blockchains and databases is that blockchains exist on networks of computers. In

  • Blockchain, what is it?

    Blockchain, what is it?0

    It is a trendy subject which is likely to be registered in the long term. Blockchain, the use of which has long been limited to cryptocurrencies, is arousing the enthusiasm of professionals as a viable solution for issues related to traceability, contract execution, and transactions. For the most enthusiastic, it is an innovative and revolutionary