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Smart Home: what is a connected home and how much does it cost?

The concept of Smart Home has evolved in recent decades to focus on the user experience and improve home security, ease of maintenance, or remote control.

What is a Smart Home?

A home becomes a smart home when it is equipped with a communication network that links several electronic products or services to each other to allow remote control or monitoring. Various objects participate in it: bulbs, shutters, sockets, thermostats. Even refrigerators can be linked to this ecosystem. It is thanks to the connected hub that it has become possible to control all objects from a single point.

The Smart Home market

According to forecasts published in the Smart Home Report 2020, the sector’s global turnover is expected to grow from nearly $ 74 billion in 2019 to more than $ 157 billion by 2024. According to a study by Statista, the American market is by far the most developed, with 27.5% of households having home automation equipment. By way of comparison, the equipment rate of German households was 16.5% in 2019, 11.5% in France, and 7.4% in Italy.

What price for a Smart Home?

The answer to this question depends on the products installed.

Depending on the home automation company Loxone, the cost varies between 2% and 6% of the value of your property on an installation.

“The prices vary between 5,000 and 50,000 euros depending on the complexity and the multitude of peripherals,”

confirms Pierre-Nicolas Cléré, director of Connecting Technology and home automation integrator.

The Smart Home with Samsung

The Smart Home with Samsung
The Smart Home with Samsung

The giants of the web, just like the manufacturers, offer various devices to dominate the market and to program the house. Samsung has established itself on the market with its new Smart Home Protocol. This platform makes it possible, thanks to the cloud, to connect connected objects by means of an application. It allows all devices to work, regardless of their original application.

Three services are offered:

  1. Home View to monitor your home when you go abroad,
  2. The Smart Customer Service allows you to quickly identify the connected objects that are malfunctioning,
  3. The Device Control allows you to control devices remotely by issuing common commands. A simple “Good Night” then turns everything off.

The Smart Home with Bosch

The Smart Home with Bosch
The Smart Home with Bosch

It has positioned itself on ease of use thanks to devices that interact and adapt to everyday changes. The intelligent control unit is available with several kits which can be expanded with additional products later.

The kits can be associated because they are positioned on different issues:

Climatic comfort with the regulation of heating to the security of the house with a connected anti-intrusion system.

The Smart Home with Xiaomi

The Smart Home with Xiaomi
The Smart Home with Xiaomi

Xiaomi’s Aqara-Home Security solution has a rather simple installation:

Plugging the control unit (small) into an electrical outlet and downloading the mobile application. In addition, by downloading the Mi4ever application.

The services are then multiple: security of entrances, motion detector, humidifier. The magic Cube (Aquara Cube) is also part of the set and allows you to connect devices (TV, lamps).

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